Music village Ernen

Fire and flame

June to December 2024

Baroque music, piano recitals, Jazz concerts, literature, orchestra and chamber music.

Unique music festival in the Swiss Alps.

Seasonal program

The Musikdorf Ernen is ablaze! What? Another forest fire in the Upper Valais? Fortunately not. The Musikdorf is only metaphorically on fire! After the big anniversary year 2023, the Festival Musikdorf Ernen shows that after fifty years its Feu Sacré – the passion for music – is fiercer than ever.

Musically, the festival programme explores the most diverse associations with the festival motto: From glowing love or human warmth around a cosy crackling open fire to purgatory and the inferno of hell; from the quantum leap of civilisation when Prometheus (according to the myth) illicitly brought fire to mankind to roaring parties with grandiose fireworks; from the comforts of a heater and a warm meal to (in)human self-destruction through war and global warming.

One thing is certain: the festival will not be running on a low flame, on the contrary: in the 51st concert season, the Musikdorf Ernen is on fire, and the sparks of enthusiasm will fly from the stage to the audience!