RolliBock open-air theater

Nature's wrath?

July and August 2024

The Valais director Willy-Franz Kurth ventures a modern interpretation of one of the oldest legends of the Valais: the story of the fearsome nature avenger RolliBock. The exciting and gripping play by the writer Hubert Theler, written exclusively for this open-air performance, serves as the basis.

RolliBock open-air theater

Set against the stunning natural backdrop of the Aletsch Arena, this saga transports the myth into the tangible future. It shows the absurdity of humanity and provides food for thought - both ethically and politically. Around 100 locals are involved in the production alongside professional theater professionals.

According to legend, the RolliBock is a terrifying creature that takes revenge on everyone and everything that tramples on nature. This includes the greedy hunter who gets in his way in the eternal ice and ends up disappearing never to be seen again in the mysterious Märjelen Lake. It was precisely this glacial lake that the people of the Upper Valais feared because its waters repeatedly flooded the valleys, causing devastation and suffering. It was said that the RolliBock had been angered.