The 3 suspension bridges

Aspi-Titter / Goms Bridge / Aletsch Bridge

Summer and winter

Aspi-Titter suspension bridge

At 160 meters long and 120 meters high, the Aspi-Titter bridge spans the fresh waters of the Weisswasser stream. It is located above the valley formed by the Fiescher Glacier and connects the municipalities of Bellwald and Fieschertal. To get to the bridge, expect to walk 1 hour 45 from Bellwald and 1 hour 20 from Fieschertal.
The Aspi-Titter suspension bridge is closed from November 1 to June 30 (winter closure) and is therefore not accessible.

Goms Bridge

At 280 meters, the Goms Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in Valais. Inaugurated in 2015, it spans the Lama Gorge and the Rhone at a height of 92 meters and connects the villages of F├╝rgangen and M├╝hlebach. Worth knowing for all hikers: the Goms Bridge is open all year round.

Aletsch Bridge

On the Aletsch Bridge, you cross the impressive Massa gorges over a length of 124 meters and a height of 80 meters. It is a wonderful five-hour hike between Belalp and Riederalp. From the bridge you can see the glacier tongue of the Great Aletsch Glacier.