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The Aktiv- und Genusshotel Alpenblick is located in the middle of the small mountain village of Fieschertal. The hotel is 2 km away from the new public transport HUB Fiesch. The public transport HUB Fiesch is where the Matterhorn Gotthardbahn, Glacier Express, the buses of the Post Auto Oberwallis Gesellschaft and the Aletsch Arena Bergbahnen come together. Fiesch is located between the tourist regions of Aletscharena and Goms, a good 30-minute drive between Oberwald in the east and Brig in the west. In summer you can reach us from all directions via the Grimsel, Furka, Nufenen or Simplon passes or via the Rohnetal. Even the journey to us is breathtaking.


arriving by car

If you want to travel to Fiesch by car, there are different options, depending on where you start and which route you prefer. Fiesch is located in the canton of Valais in Switzerland and can be reached via well-developed roads.

One option is to drive from Bern via the A6 motorway and then onto the A9 in the direction of Sion. From Sion follow the signs to Brig and then to Fiesch. The journey time is about 2 hours.

Another option is to drive from Zurich to Fiesch via the A1 and A9. The travel time in this case is about 2.5 hours.

If you are coming from Germany, you can drive from Freiburg im Breisgau via the A5 and A12 to Brig and from there continue to Fiesch.

It is important to note that in Switzerland there is a toll charge for using some roads and tunnels, including the Lötschberg tunnel on the route from Bern to Fiesch. So make sure you have enough cash or a credit card to pay the fees.


Arrival by public transport

Fiesch is well connected to the public transport network and can be reached by various means of public transport.

If you are traveling from Zurich you can take a train to Brig and from there take a regional train to Fiesch. The journey time is about 3 hours.

If you are traveling from Bern you can take a train to Brig and from there take a regional train to Fiesch. The journey time is about 2 hours.

There are also direct train connections to Fiesch from other cities in Switzerland. If you are coming from abroad, you can enter Switzerland via international train connections and then continue to Fiesch.

There are also bus connections from some surrounding towns and villages to Fiesch. A list of bus connections and timetables can be found on the website of Switzerland's public transport association, the so-called "Swiss Federal Railways" (SBB).

It's also important to note that Switzerland has a well-developed public transport network and that the trains and buses are generally punctual and reliable. So if you want to travel in an environmentally friendly and comfortable way, using public transport is a good option.