Holzer Family

Family hotel for over 60 years

in the second generation

Hotel & Restaurant Alpenblick was built by Holzer Albert and Gabriela in 1960 and managed for over 35 years. The two sons Fabian and Martin Holzer lead him in the second generation.

In 1960, I was built by the Holzer brothers in the beautiful mountains of the beautiful Fieschertal Valley. As a small mountain hotel, I lived at the time a simple and pleasant period that still characterizes me today. Over the years, I became too small for my guests, so in 1970, I was enlarged and I had a new face.

The first loyal customers have already been able to celebrate 10 years of loyalty and some celebrations of this kind should follow. Time passed and the people who lived in me grew old with me. However, age should not prevent these people from doing what is best for me. They worked days and nights to satisfy all the guests, so that everyone kept me a good memory.

In 1985, once again, I felt a change, my rooms were dressed in beautiful wood and the rooms were completely renovated. In 1995, I added 12 beautiful new rooms, which allowed me to accommodate 80 people. The number of guests visiting us, as well as the Fieschertal, has increased. Especially in summer, I was visited because it smelled so nice the fresh hay in the valley because the nights were cool and so all the guests found a good sleep. It was a beautiful summer.

However, in winter, I was often forgotten and it was only during the important weeks of winter that I was well attended. Although I am only about 3 minutes by car from the gondola station, some guests felt that I would be too far away. I wanted to improve and show that it was worth visiting me even in winter.

he Holzer family, who created me, wanted to do well with me and I received a large annex in 1999. I was built an underground car park, a complete spa with indoor pool, sauna, aromatic hammam, jacuzzi and solarium, a magnificent hotel bar, a bright breakfast room and even more rooms, family rooms, studios and suites. It was good to know that I had everything the guest today was looking for.

In 2000, my last old south facade was adapted to the new color and shape and I got large wooden balconies. Now I was completely renovated and renovated and I felt really fit for the future.

Alpenblick Touristik GmbH

In 2006, another important event occurred in my family. Albert and Gabi’s two sons decided to found a company, Alpenblick Touristik GmbH" and Alpenblick. Always supported by Albert and Gabi, the two brothers and their two families brought many new impulses and innovations in my environment.

Apartment and restaurant Bergfreund

So, in 2006, I had a little brother, the mountaineer (apartment house and restaurant) and a year later, the mountaineer was renewed, enhanced and also received a new look. 10 beautiful apartments, a cozy restaurant, two beautiful sunny terraces and a small grocery store.

I owe all these changes to Albert, Gabi and all the Holzer families who have supported me for years and are still supporting me.

I also want to thank the many friends, guests and clients who have given their time and invested heavily in me as guests or investors in the capital investment of the holiday.

Thank you.

Your view of the Alps, the mountaineer and the Holzer family


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